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EMS-The Meta Mail System for CICS

In the twenty years since CASI's EMS electronic mail system was released for CICS, the core product has been enhanced and enlarged to include many functions not commonly thought of as "E-Mail" such as calendaring, text document storage, and forms processing.

META, the Greek root meaning "transformed, or transcending" indicates what EMS has evolved into: a comprehensive suite of electronic mail, personal productivity, and application-development tools. These added functions have become enablers for a new class of applications that can be developed by users without formal training as programmers. We refer to them as "mail-enabled applications."

Hardware Co-requisites

  • System: IBM System 390 or compatible executing OS/390 or z/OS or VSE/ESA with a standard CICS region.
  • Disk: 10 Mb of DASD required for modules and files shipped by CASI. Additional space may be required, depending upon the amount of E-mail traffic and the length of message retention.

Software Co-requisites

  • Operating System: OS/390 or z/OS or VSE/ESA. CICS/TS V1.3 or above, or CICS/VSE 2.3 or above.
  • Network:
    • MVS
      • JES2 VIR 3.3 or above
      • JES3 VIR 3.3 or above
    • VSE
      • Power V2.1 or above
  • Other: VSAM


The following materials are available for your use:

  • CDN 101 Installation Manual
  • CDN 201 User/Administration Manual
  • CDN 301 Quick Reference Card
  • CDN 310 Quick Start Guide
  • CDN 315 User's Handbook
  • CDN 320 User Tutorial
  • CDN 330 3270 Keyboard Template
  • CDN 331 PC Keyboard Template
  • CDN 410 Classroom Training Kit


EMS is customer-installable. Alternately, on-site installation of EMS can be performed by a CASI product specialist on a billable basis.


EMS hot-line support is supplied from CASI headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Extended support hours may also be contracted.

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