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CASI Software is a leading provider of electronic information delivery solutions for the IBM z/OS platform. CASI Software leverages existing mainframe assets while exploiting the efficiencies and benefits of electronic distribution. Customers realize a high Return on Investment with CASI Software products.

Modernize, secure and deliver mainframe report content with JES2Mail/JES2FTP. Transform mainframe JES and other print content into PDF, XML, HTML, and spreadsheet-ready formats; encrypt and secure the content; and deliver the results via email, FTP or RSS feeds.
Publish z/OS report content using RSS Web Feeds. Combine the powerful JES2FTP technology with RSS extensions to provide a standards-based method to publish print content "to the cloud".
Native CICS PDF creation and delivery. CICS2PDF is a CICS tool to dynamically create secure PDF documents from CICS applications. CICS2PDF leverages CASI Software’s advanced PDF overlays and scripting capabilities to create complex PDF pages containing multiple overlays, watermarks, JPEG and TIFF-F images, annotations, bookmarks and more.
Streamline z/OS application updating and processing with Mail2ZOS/FTPSweeper. Initiate z/OS processing via email messages and/or attachments. Eliminate open FTP ports, simplify TSO account management, and reduce calls to operations to "run a job".

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